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Development of PC board


20 Since the late 1990s the demand of the PC board to electronic / electrical, optical disk from the original textile tubes with sand, construction, automotive and other fields, adding demand sharply. 1999 domestic consumption is about 140,000 tons, while consumption increased in 2003 to reach 380,000 tons, about 28% of the annual promotion rate, far higher than even the growth rate and the growth rate of other general-purpose engineering plastics in the national economy. Because domestic production is extremely small, our primary use of the PC board imported from abroad. 1999--2003, China's net imports of PC board discriminated as 138,000 tons, 235,000 tons, 212,000 tons, 342,000 tons, 381,000 tons, including a considerable number of smuggling and have not yet come in the PC board, nor thinking imports products and scrap, so practice domestic import and consumption data than the above calculation to override many of the customs, border and abroad PC board agreed that the China's market has great potential of its relatively unchanged.

        The current global PC board use has high function, specialization of biased conduct, in view of our PC board production capacity and market demand both appear to carry out rapid scenes, especially in the domestic set makeup sets planning to establish, together with the automotive industry to carry out rapid pull in future years, China's PC industry has entered a new stage of development, PC board throughout the entire life and production, of which the most widely used in the field as follows: construction, health care, electrical and electronics, automotive and sports equipment. These aspects are seriously affecting our lives. So it became essential to the development of our society, the kind of material. Based on current developments, an important position in the PC board industry in the future should not be overlooked.

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