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Surface paint on polycarbonate panels clean up dirt very pra


The renovation process, the performance of solid sheet products inevitably will stick to some of the dirt, such as dust, no problem, because the relatively easy clean. The most troublesome is solid sheet surface paint, not only affects the appearance of, clear up and there is a certain difficulty. This article describes is a solid sheet of paint handling skills, for all of us is certainly very useful.

      If you paint on an area of solid sheet adhered to is not great, then just a small area will be able to clean it, but use warm water, while accompanied by neutral detergent or neutral soap watered if used together, It would be better. In order not to damage the solid sheet surface, use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub, then rinse in cold water and then dry it.

      If the contaminated area is relatively large, it is best carried out with a tap or a high pressure water washing, to note is not polished or with a strong base to clean, easy to make polycarbonate panels damaged, nor can butylcellosolve and isopropyl alcohol solution to clean UV polycarbonate panels, otherwise its performance will be affected.

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