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Polycarbonate PC sun panel transmittance depends on what fac


PC sunshine board is essential to the modern era of a popular new building materials, but PC sunshine board is just a concept for consumers, for which specific models of solar panels and light transmittance is not very clear how much, in order to allow consumers to better understand clearly, the next as we explain in detail.

Sunshine plate thickness is usually used are 4,6,8,10MM several thickness, while the color aspect transparent solar panels, blue solar panels, green solar panels, green, brown, blue, white, emerald green, white advertisement and other options, the transmittance of solar panels depends on its thickness and its color. Because of different thicknesses and colors cause is different transmittance of solar panels. For example, the transmittance of transparent solar panels 4MM after the 80 percent light transmittance 5MM thick is 78 percent light transmittance 6MM thick is seventy-six%, 8MM thick The light transmittance is seventy-four%, 10MM thick thing seventy-two%: sky blue sun panels 4MM transmittance is 56 per cent of the percent transmittance 5MM fifty-four, light transmittance is thirty-three% 6MM, 8MM transmittance is twenty-five%, 10MM transmittance is twenty percent, and so on.

  While for PC sunshine board specifications, general standard is long 6000MM, width 2100MM, thickness is divided into 4 to 10MM range.

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