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Select the appropriate thickness of your solar panels


Now, with the development not of the PC board, and now many companies need to use the PC sunshine board housing construction, the thickness of PC sunshine board thickness in the end how much it is qualified, then Banghua plate manufacturers to tell you next.

        Consumers choose PC sunshine board when the general is certainly depends on the quality, the latter depends on the thickness of the PC sunshine board, a lot of the consumers is a task finally a parameter, then in the end how much of the thickness of the PC sunshine board is qualified The most standard is it?

      In fact, consumers should be based on their actual situation to choose, that is, the requirements they need to choose polycarbonate panels able to withstand the load size, as well as to see how the local wind, this is not every place Like, so to be selected according to their area. There are different ways to install polycarbonate panels, the material taken is different.

       If you have special requirements, the need to install PC sunshine plate surface, then, will have different requirements on the plate thickness. Because PC sunshine board can easily be cold-formed shape, so the most important thing is to control the radius of curvature, can not be less than the value specified.

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