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2017 04-26
Development of PC board

20 Since the late 1990s the demand of the PC board to electronic / electrical, optical disk from the original textile tubes with sand, construction, automotive and other fields, adding demand sharply.

2015 10-26
Surface paint on polycarbonate panels clean up dirt very pra

The renovation process, the performance of solid sheet products inevitably will stick to some of the dirt, such as dust, no problem, because the relatively easy clean. The most troublesome is solid she

2015 10-26
Polycarbonate PC sun panel transmittance depends on what fac

PC sunshine board is essential to the modern era of a popular new building materials, but PC sunshine board is just a concept for consumers, for which specific models of solar panels and light transmit

2015 10-26
Transparent PC sheet on how to repair damaged right

Chinese state production of transparent PC sheet normal life is 10 years. If due to force majeure and other factors in the solid sheet rupture during normal use, also can be repaired or replaced. PC sh

2015 10-26
PC sheet Features

1, PC solid sheet impact resistance: the impact strength of polycarbonate panels can be up to 3kg / m, the impact strength of PC sheet is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times the acrylic s

2015 10-26
PC material - preparation

Textile yarn production of polycarbonate, the choice of phosgene production of PC as raw material, including new material is 80%, 20% recycled materials. Its production process is as follows: Ingredien

2015 10-26
Select the appropriate thickness of your solar panels

Now, with the development not of the PC board, and now many companies need to use the PC sunshine board housing construction, the thickness of PC sunshine board thickness in the end how much it is qual

2015 10-26
Shatterproof glass pc solid sheet

Advances in production technology pc solid sheet main trend is to develop non-phosgene synthesis process to replace the current main synthetic interfacial polymerization process phosgene, were to devel

2015 10-26
What color is the best-selling PC sunshine board?

Because PC sunshine board has excellent lighting effects, and therefore became early summer sales season this sheet, which is mainly used for the production of shade to sun room, skylights and so on. B

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