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pc sunshine plates greenhouse superior film greenhouses


1. beautiful, effective use of longer: the film an average of two years for a change, time and labor costs money. The new materials PC sunshine board can use more than a decade, save more beautiful.


    2. translucent: Banghua transparent solar panels can provide excellent transparency and surface gloss, per unit area of the inner solar greenhouse to get as much use.


    3. Energy: there are even lower than the thermal conductivity of the common greenhouse film (K value), so that heat loss is greatly reduced.


    4. Impact resistance: PC is the best impact resistance of thermoplastic A, solar panels have "no broken glass" and "ring of steel" reputation. In contrast film greenhouses are very vulnerable to physical damage.


    5. retardant, fire: PC board has good fire resistance, supervised by the National Fire Protection Building Materials Testing Center, PC sun panels belong to Class B flame from the fire is self-extinguishing. The film greenhouses in front of the fire is vulnerable, every year the country will have to make due to human-induced fires Film greenhouses farmers suffered huge losses in the case.

    6. Banghua pc Nai Liban sunshine plate temperature adaptability: PC sunshine plate board does not occur at -100 degrees Celsius cold crisp, do not soften at 135 degrees centigrade, in the harsh environment no significant change in its mechanical, mechanical properties.



pc sunshine plate Applications:


Suitable for gardens, entertainment venues singular decoration and resting place of Gallery Pavilion;


Suitable for wall, roof, screens and other high-grade indoor decoration materials;


For highway and urban elevated road noise barriers; (solar panels)


For agricultural greenhouse and breeding shed; (solar panels)


It applies to all units or cells bicycle shed, balcony and roof kiosk shade canopy tent and so on. (Solar panels)

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