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Banghua pc sunshine board production process of extrusion ma


Banghua pc sunshine board production process in production is mainly used in the extruder, its main function is the use of heat, pressure and shear, etc., will be transformed into a uniform solid plastic melt, and the melt to The next process. Melt production involves mixing masterbatch and other additives and then grinding and other processes. Finished melt on concentration and temperature must be uniform. Pressure must be large enough to feed solar panels viscous polymer extrusion.


     Banghua pc sunshine board extruder usually at least three segments. First paragraph, near the hopper, is feeding section. Its function allows the material to a relatively stable rate into the extruder. In general, in order to avoid clogging of the feed channel, this part will remain relatively low temperatures. The second part is compressed during the formation of the melt and the pressure increases. Transition from the feeding section to the sudden compression can also be a gradual (gentle) is. The last section of the metering section, close to the extruder outlet. The main function of the extruder is flowing substance is uniform. In this divided to ensure uniformity of composition and temperature of the polycarbonate material should have sufficient residence time. At the end of the barrel, the raw material melt exits the extruder through a die, the die is designed to ideal shape, extruded melt flow through here.


    Banghua pc sunshine board extruder barrel through a screw and screw the knife with the completion of all of the above procedure. Polycarbonate pellets through a hopper into the barrel at one end of the barrel, and then transferred to the other end of the barrel by the screw. In order to have sufficient pressure, the depth of the screw thread with the hopper Examples increases. External heating and heat polycarbonate and screw in due to friction, the raw material softens and melts.

    Another important part of the drive mechanism of the extruder. It controls the rotational speed of the screw, the rotation speed of the screw extruder determines the yield. The power required is determined by the viscosity of the polymer (flow resistance). The viscous polymer depends on the temperature and flow rate, with the increase in temperature and shear force decreased. Extrusion machines with filter, can stop the impurities on the filter. To avoid downtime, the filter should be automatically replaced.

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