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Acrylic lens processing important link


Adhesive acrylic lenses is mainly affected by two aspects: the applicability of the adhesive itself and bonding techniques. There are a lot of adhesive on the domestic market, there are two types. One is a two-component, such as adhesive, epoxy resins; there is a single component, such as (chloroform). In general, two-component adhesive to achieve bonding through the curing reaction, one-component adhesive is solvent evaporation to achieve a final bonding. Features two-component adhesive bonding is reflected in better, no bubbles after bonding, not white, high strength; drawback is complicated to operate, difficult, long curing time, slow, difficult to adapt to mass production requirements. The general characteristics of the one-component adhesive is speed, can meet volume production process requirements; drawback is that after bonding products easy to produce bubbles, easy white, poor weather.

Bonding techniques

 First, the two need to butt butt acrylic lens horizontally on a platform close, and stick a tape on the bottom, leaving a wide gap of not more than ready for coating injection adhesive. Then the adhesive evenly with a syringe from the gap is slowly inject from the side, until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be thrown off.

Second, the facade facade adhesive bonding is the most widely used as a bonding technology. First, a surface to be bonded should be wiped clean. Cam to achieve the best use of the adhesive, the adhesive was not shaking, which will help improve the quality of bonding. Acrylic lens thickness of the adhesive can pad into fine wire, by capillary action to complete bonding, adhesive curing prior to extraction wire. Or can be used to not have to stick to the site of taped protection, leaving parts of the adhesive-coated adhesive is applied, then the ramp into the acrylic sheet extrusion bubble can be.

Third, the ramp must use adhesive bonding slant angle cam to prevent the sticky surface of the shift. Note the adhesive coating should be uniform, slow. After curing can be completely removed by the mold.

Fourth, the plane plane adhesive bonding is a special bonding methods. First will be sticky surface wipe cleaned and placed horizontally on the surface of injection appropriate amount of adhesive. Acrylic on the other side of a piece of acrylic lenses diagonal contact with the adhesive-coated lens, and then evenly slow down, driven out from the side of the bubble and the completion of bonding.

   Note: All acrylic adhesive acrylic lens surface can corrode and leave traces difficult to eliminate, so you can use self-adhesive stickers without adhesive way to protect the site. Grease, dust or pores would prevent uniform coating of adhesive while leaving the bubble, it must be removed before bonding. If the adhesive bond amount is too small, it will shrink into the air when the adhesive. Edge hair will direct bonding surface due to rapid evaporation of adhesive and white. Before the adhesive has not been fully cured, by direct exposure to sunlight for a long time, make acrylic products in different degrees of yellowing, seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.

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